Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Touch n' Sing Review and A Giveaway

At under 2 years old my son already knows how to navigate around iPhone and iPad.  I'm always searching for an application for him to play and learn with.  When I found out about Touch N' Sing I was so thrilled to try it with my son.

I love the colorful and interactive games.  Its a fun way to learn and play.  They don't just watch and sing but they can actually play with it.  The application is ideal for kids ages 2-7 year olds.  My son could actually spend hours with this application since he gets to play along with it.  My personal favorite is singing the song in karaoke mode. 

I love that this application doesn't just focus on purely fun but it has an education twist on it.  While my son sing and watch the Hockey Pokey song, he is also learning different parts of his body. 

The application is free to download and it comes with free songs.  You can always buy more songs and what's great about it is they sell it in bundle for $4.99 so you can save even more. The application are available at iTunes , Google Play and Amazon Kindle

SumahoMAMA the company behind Touch n' Sing would like to give one of Delightful Ideas readers a $50 iTunes eGiftCard.  To enter simply use the rafflecopter widget below.

This giveaway is open Worldwide and ends on August 23, 2013

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  Sponsored post.  All opinions are my own. 


  1. Super awesome giveway! I love the interaction of this Lala. They're making things so nice for children.

  2. Great review!


  3. Man, kids these days are so freaking amazing with technology, it's unbelievable!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  4. How cute! I LOVE the colors! My girls would love this! Plus, I love that it's free! Thanks for the information! Downloading now!

  5. My son is a little younger than the recommended age, but this still looks like something he would love. He loves anything noisy and musical! But maybe he would catch on and learn something from it too.

  6. My daughter would love this app! Thanks for sharing this information to us. I followed you in GFC and in other social media. Hugs from Pink Heart String.

  7. Do you see value in an app that has video tutorials that shows kids easy ways to make clothing, toys, and gifts?

    Let me know if that's something you would use! Email me if you have comments:

  8. I really enjoyed reading it, so lovely and great reviews.
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  9. my kids are always asking if they can play on my phone when we're at the grocery store, or somewhere else boring to them! i have never heard of this app, but i think my daughter would love it. i will have to check it out!

  10. Lovely Greetings <3 ,big Hugs!!!

  11. This looks like such a cute game, I want to play it! Kids are so smart and tech savvy these days.

  12. It amazes me how little kids learn how to use phones and tablets at such a young age! This looks like a pretty neat game for the little ones!

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