Wednesday, November 27, 2013

See's Candie's Chocolate and Wine Tasting Event

Who doesn't love See's Candies?  When I received the invitation to attend this event, I couldn't be more excited.  I know I'm pregnant and its a wine tasting event, but hey you don't need any wine to enjoy a good chocolate right?

See's Candies just opened their very first concept store right in the very heart of Orange County in Tustin, California.  Its the biggest store they have, with two chocolate counters and even an express counters.  It's really perfect for the busy holiday shopping and those special occasions.  I know one thing that really bugs me with holiday shopping is the long lines in the check out counter. That's why I'm so thrilled with the express check-outs.

One of my favorite See's Candies Apricot Delight

With Aracely from Day Tripping Mom

Get to see how its all done behind the counted

Be sure to check out the new See's Candies location at Tustin

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  1. How cool its that store so much to try out. Keep in touch doll.

  2. How fun! I really like Sees Candies - yummy!


  3. I am so jealous! I would love to be invited to such a delicious event! I will have to check that store out since it's right next to my office lol

  4. Nice!


  5. yum!!


  6. That looks so fun!! I especially love your dress.

  7. oooh! you lucky girl! See's is the best I've heard! you look so cute lala! :D

  8. It looks like really interesting event and so delicious, I would not resist if I had such chance:)

  9. YUMM! that chocolate was divine! Thank you for the box! :)


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