Thursday, November 12, 2015

Handprint on your Heart Frame Review

Disclosure:  I received a free product for review. No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own

Sometimes grandparents are the hard ones to buy presents for. They pretty much have everything or don't want anything.  My mom is the best grandma to my kids.  She loves them to death and just spoils them like crazy, you know she's the person the kids go to when you said no they can't have candies.

This Thanksgiving me and my kids wanted to give her something very special just to show her how much she we love and appreciate her.  We wanted to get a unique and thoughtful present for her so I thought the Handprint on your Heart Frame would be perfect.

The Handprint for your Heart Frame comes with the finger print ink stamp thats so easy to use and easy to clean off.  It came with a sweet message that made it even more meaningful.

For the price,  you are getting so much for it.  I highly recommend it, if you are looking for something memorable to give.  You can find this keepsake frame  and unique gifts by the GrandParent Company here .

What are your gift ideas for grandparents this year?  Please don't forget to comment and share!

Easy to use finger print ink and cleans off easily

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Hyper Racer™ Toy Review

Disclosure:  I received a free sample to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.  No other compensation was received.

Boys and their toys!

When it comes to toys my kids are very picky.  If its a toy they like they will play with them for hours, days , months even years.  I was really pleased to review the Hyper Racer™ from Hotwheels because it turned out to be something they both really really like.  

It lights up, makes noise, even change colors in a push of a button!  I love that its lightweight and not bulky and makes it easy for me to take when we go to the park.  

I thought it make a great gift so I got one for my nephew. I wasn't able to find them on my local Walmart and Target but found them on Amazon which ships for free with Prime.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Extra Cash for the Holidays

Now that we've entered the 2nd half of the year that means the holidays is just right around the corner. As much as I enjoy receiving gifts, giving them gives me so much more pleasure!  And as much as I love to give, I don't want to end up with huge credit card bills after the holidays.

Last year I was able to pay for most of my holiday gifts without cutting any cost on my budget or taking a 2nd job.  On this blog post,  I want to share with you what I did and more to make that extra money.

1. Swagbucks  -  

This is one of my favorite sites in the Whole Wide Web!  You earn rewards by what you're already doing online. Like online shopping, surfing the web, watching the news and more!  You can use those rewards to redeem eGiftcards.

2. Ebates

If you do a lot of online shopping this site adds up!  When we bought our fridge we ordered it online at Sears and pick it up the store.  We saved an additional $200 by using Ebates!

3. Craigslist and Ebay

Sell the stuff that you don't need on Craigslist and Ebay.  Before I throw my stuff away, I always check on Craigslist and Ebay see how much other people are selling them for.

4.  Shopkick

Everytime I go to Target or Walmart  I use this phone app to check in.  You get rewards and offers by simply walking into stores. You can earn kicks on a lot of locations.

5.  mPlaces

This is another app I use to check into places.  You can check in to up to 25 places a day.  I have earned so many Amazon gift cards on this app.

6.  Apply for a new Credit Card

A lot of credit card companies offer rewards for a new account.  Usually there's a purchase requirement so make sure you read the agreement before you open one.  We use our credit card to pay most bills and expenses to earn rewards.

7. iBotta

If you like using coupon this app is perfect for you.  It gives you additional savings on top of the coupons you use in store.  Simply just check for qualified products and their rebates.  All you need to do is just scan the items and your proof of purchase!  I love that you get rebates from common items you buy all the time like milk, bananas, etc...  This is a must have on your phone
I hope this list helps you out. If you know of any other ways to make those extra cash that's not on my list please feel free to share them on the comment below.  I would love to check them out!

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Recap! Knott's Soak City 2015

Sharing some of our weekend fun!

First time for the whole family to go to Knott's Soak City Buena Park, CA and it was so much fun!  All my kids 14 years old, 3 years old and 1 year old loves it!  Even the adults had a lot of fun too!

Elias insisted on taking his favorite Kidorable dino towel at Soak City

Enjoying the Lazy River - this was my personal favorite

Mable and Lili 

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Repurposed kcups

Spring is finally here!  Goodbye cold weather and hello sunshine! I can't wait to get some more fresh produce from our garden!

This used kcups are great for seedstarting!   I always struggle getting my seedlings out everytime I use those trays so with these used kcups I get to plant them individually.  It's also easy to label them.

I use coconut coir and some worm castings as my soil mix and they worked great!.  

Excited for this kale to germinate

Summer squash germinated in 3 days!

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